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At Brand Pickers, we specialize in selecting great domain names, sometimes matching them with other digital properties, and cultivating them into successful businesses. If we don't build on it ourselves, we find an owner that will.

We carry a selection of hand chosen domain names that may appeal to a variety of people and industries. We have names perfect for startups as well as seasoned businesses. Based on our previous clients, these include but are not limited to marketing companies, real estate agents, dentists, doctors, lawyers, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, roofers, landscaping companies, breweries, emerging legal cbd and marijuana businesses, and restaurants - Including our favorite ones - PIZZA shops!

Please let us know if you have any questions about a domain name that you are interested in acquiring. We're here to help you pick one you'll love and be proud of!


We do offer brokerage services for both domain buyers and sellers. If you are in need of assistance in acquiring a specific domain that someone else owns, or you need help finding a buyer for your domain name, we may be able to help.

Our Mission

Brand Pickers has set out on a mission to offer a unparalleled service by using a customer centric approach. We don’t want to be just another domain name company. We want to truly connect with our clients, listen to their needs, and leave them knowing they are a priority.

We are honored every time a client or customer chooses to work with us and we will not leave them disappointed.

Our Vision

In the future, we want to become the number one resource for helping customers acquire a domain name and implement it in a way that that will benefit their business.

Let Us Help Launch Your Great Idea Today!

-Lee Latner / Lee@BrandPickers.com / Owner of BrandPickers.com

Lee Latner / Owner of WebAcreage.com

Be Prepared!

Quality domains are not cheap

Million Dollar Public Domain Sales

    CarInsurance.com - $49.7 million

    Insurance.com - $35.6 million

VacationRentals.com - $35 million

Voice.com (JUN 2019) - $30 million

PrivateJet.com - $30.18 million

Internet.com - $18 million

  360.com - $17 million

    Tesla.com (DEC 2018) - $11 million

Fb.com - $8.5 million

    Diamond.com - $7.5 million

    AsSeenOnTv.com - $5.1 million

    MediCare.com - $4.8 million

    HG.com (NOV 2018) - $3.77 million

Ice.com (JUL 2018) - $3.5 million

Whisky.com (MARCH 2014) - $3.1 million

California.com (JAN 2019) - $3 million

DigHow.com (APRIL 2018) - $3 million

Fly.com (MAY 2017) - $2.89 million

Vivo.com (NOV 2016) - $2.1 million

ETH.com (OCT 2017) - $2 million

01.com (APRIL 2018) - $1.82 million

20.com (APRIL 2017) - $1.75 million

DataRecovery.com - $1.659 million

EKO.com (OCT 2019) - $1.5 million   

MarketingToday.com - $1.5 million

EBet.com (OCT 2013) - $1.35 million

TM.com (NOV 2019) - $1.25 million

Jade.com (APRIL 2018) - $1.25 million

Super.com (MAR 2018) - $1.2 million

    LA.com (APRIL 2018) - $1.2million

MyWorld.com - (MAY 2016) - $1.2 million

Ring.com - (MAR 2018) - $1 million

RX.com (JUL 2019) - $1 million

(And the list goes on...)

Preferred Payment Partners

Escrow services are always recommended when it comes to protection for both buyers and sellers. An Escrow service is a financial arrangement where a third party holds and regulates payment of the funds required for two parties involved in a given transaction. It helps make transactions more secure by keeping the payment in a secure escrow account which is only released when all of the terms of an agreement are met as overseen by the escrow company. . For more more information on this trusted service, an excellent resource is https://www.escrow.com/what-is-escrow. They even offer concierge services if you do not feel comfortable with purchasing and transferring a domain. Don't worry, we'll walk you through the process.
Paypal.com - Accepts payments from Paypal members, as well as ability to pay via Credit/Debit card
Escrow.com -Accepts Credit Card, Paypal, Wire Transfer, ACH, Checks, Money Orders, etc
Payoneer.com - Accepts Credit Card, Wire Transfer, ACH, Echeck, etc